S.C. Immochan Imobiliare S.R.L.img_5092

Extension of commercial space Strip Mall Coresi

– Construction, installations and interior finishes.

– Sanitary installations and HVAC

– Electrical installations and fire prevention systems

– Works for maintaining current fire prevention rules up to date at Auchan Galleries in Satu Mare and Baia Mare


S.C. Coresi Business Park S.R.L.

Construction and electrical installation works at T 42 Hall

Works at domestic and rain waters sewerage at T 42 Hall
Construction, installations and electrical installation at T 39 Hall, C Module

Construction, installations and electrical installation at T 39, E Module and works to build a vertical circulation node and a walkway linking E Modulule and 1st floor of the Technical administrative building.

Construction and electrical installation works for office space planning at Digital Optics

Infrastructure and superstructure works at office building – L-Building

Interior and electrical installations in office building – L-img_5132Building



Building a Storage Hall


S.C. Seda-Invest S.R.L.

Building a Storage Hall and a Tailoring workshop


S.C. Alpin Solar S.R.L.

Electrical installation works at the folowing objectives:

– photovoltaic park Nazna, Tg. Mures

– photovoltaic park Harman, Brasov

– photovoltaic park Mizil, Prohova

– electric panels, Reci





S.C. Losan Romania S.R.L.

Construction works  at Production hall for manufacturing pellets made from pressed wood fire or replacements


S.C. Bilka Steel S.R.L.

Construction and installations works

Rehabilitation works at warehouse and offices

– hall (storage and production space)  – 15450 m²

– offices and annexes -3550 m²

Installations works



S.C. Hiperdia S.A.   img_5121

Construction works, installations and electrical installation
works at the folowing objective: Medical clinic in Brasov and Bucuresti



S.C. Alufix S.R.L.      

Construction and installations works at C2.2 Production hall

Building production hall and offices – 4.300 m²





S.C. Flavus Investitii S.R.L.

Construction works of: Construction works of:


– Drinking water supply

– Sewerage

– Pluvial sewerage

– Electricity for housing blocks:

– Making distribution and transformation stations 20/6/0.4kV

– Bondings LES 6 (20 kV)

– Commercial and educational areas