Metal Fabrications

In this department our company offers:

Fabrication and assembly halls with full metal structure

Welded assemblies and sub-assemblies in the field of industrial and civil engineering works:


  •  pillars
  •  beams
  •  trusses
  •  corner bracing
  •  metallic coating

Metallic joinery:

  •  fences
  •  gates – grills
  •  stairs
  •  guard rails

Tin works

Aeration tubes

Metallic shelves and industrial supports

Hatches and skylights

Interior and exterior advertising metallic boardsdsc02200

Mechanical and plasma cutting

Sandblasting and metallic works painting

Curved and flat surface plating with stainless stell, aluminium, alucobond

Metallic booths


These works are performed by our company with raw materials and the latest available technology leading to the development of high technology works.


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